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August 5, 2010

Granola Recipes from

by cillefish

Winning recipes from’s Granola kitchen challenge last year:
see all the recipes’ descriptions here, or check them out individually below:

  1. “Reluctant Hippie Granola”
  2. Extra Rich “Granola for a Near-Perfect World”
  3. Chunky vs. Crumbly “Granola for Dragging the Babies Around”
  4. Chocolate Granola
  5. Raisin & Date “Grainola”
  6. Accidental Hippie “Mama Granola”
  7. “Heart-Healthy Müesli” / Granola
  8. Extra Nutty Granola
  9. “Cheap & Easy” Parfait Granola
  10. Brilliant Granola “Flapjacks”

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