3. Links to More Recipe Sites

Cloverleef Recommends:

  • (nothing yet)

Horseradishsauce Recommends:

Most of my recipes I StumbleUpon, but many of them come from the same sites. Here are some of the many foodblogs I visit:

  • Foodgawker has thousands of photos of delicious food linking back to the foodblogs on which they’re posted. It’s great if you’re in need of some foodporn. You can search by category, also, and discover that everyone is still searching for “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie”
  • The Crepes of Wrath – She posts a lot of delicious-looking recipes. They’re generally not too complicated or expensive.
  • Annie’s Eats – I’ve only used her cupcake recipes, but I like them a lot!
  • Bakerella bakes some things are way too sugary even for me, but I like some of her recipes.
  • Nigella is British so most of her measurements are in oz and ml instead of cups, and so forth.
  • The Fresh Loaf is great for easy bread-from-scratch-in-the-oven recipes and tips.

Cillefish Recommends:

  • Epicurious “Quick & Easy” Recipes – One of my favorite recipe sites …some of their stuff is a little off the wall, but I like that about it. The easy section is pretty reasonable.
  • Vegan: The Veganomicon – Lots of great “little meals,” dips, desserts, etc.; a few very good entrees; and some very tasty and surprisingly simple “weird” items like eggless quiche. Conveniently keeps the bizarre ingredients to a minimum.
  • Vegetarian plus fish: Moosewood Simple Suppers – Great collection of ultra-easy ideas to have on hand or just in mind. Excellent for beginners (moi) and anyone looking to add some quick-and-tasty stuff to their repertoire of easily tweaked recipes.
  • International: Around the World in 450 Recipes – Includes most of our favorite American “international” takeout dishes, from Broccoli Beef to Beignets. Downside: now I don’t see the point in paying $12 for a dish I can make for $2 in 15 minutes. Runs at $160 in hardcover, but you can find it online in paperback form for $5.

2 Comments to “3. Links to More Recipe Sites”

  1. I like the recommendations for sites and the tofu marinades. Do you have any tofu recipes w/ nutritional yeast?

    • I’ve never tried cooking with nutritional yeast, but you could probably add a bit of the powdered kind to the more savory marinades. Horseradishsauce might have used it sometime (she’s always experimenting with stuff like Indian Pickle). What do you most often use it with?

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