2. About the Blog

tomato plant foodWe post recipes we like — emphasis on vegetable, vegetarian, healthy, and simple food …also: cookies, cakes, pies, homemade cheese, and whatever else we like.

We’re siblings. A bit about us:

  • Cillefish is vegetarian, does web marketing and copywriting, and likes her recipes on the odd and spicy side, and previously untried.
  • Horseradishsauce is in the US Army, consumes large amounts of vegetables, and has a habit of mailing cookies and cupcakes to friends in places like Japan. She mostly experiments with new dessert recipes on unsuspecting colleagues.
  • Cloverleef is a certified chef headed to university, where she’ll learn to teach high school kids history. She makes a mean broccoli soup and is particular about how we pronounce ganache (it’s ga-NOSH!). She’s also the one who suggested the name for the blog:

Cillefish: I’m kind of disturbed by the fact that there’s tomato food on the table.
Cloverleef: Why? I had a tomato for dinner last night. He was very gentlemanly!

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